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Groupe UP specialises in the distribution of materiel for the interior system market, in the fabrication of numerous rollform products for various  industries and in the fabrication of Grid for suspended ceilings.

Information :

--- up to 9/16 in thick, 60 in. wide and 4 in. gauge (soon 6 in.), yield strength 70,000 psi.

Information  :
– DM and DMF suspension system (PDF format)

– Exiline suspension system (PDF format)

– Aluminium  suspension system (PDF format)

…for gypsum panel installation (PDF format)

Information  :
Shaft wall systems (PDF format)

Information :

– Lightweight steel framing (PDF format)

– Exterior steel framing (PDF format)

– Interior framing products (PDF format)

– Maximum Height Admissible (half-timbering) (PDF format)

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